Divisional Outcomes

Parkland School Division implements a total of thirteen outcomes within four domains to provide assurance. 


Outcomes in the Domain of Student Growth and Achievement

Outcome 1: Students Demonstrate Success

Students demonstrate success in prescribed provincial learning outcomes and demonstrate positive, personal characteristics that contribute to success and resilience.

Outcome 2: Students Demonstrate Well-being

Students engage in healthy and fulfilling social behaviours and invest in their own well-being, while promoting a positive sense of self and belonging in others.

Outcomes in the Domain of Teaching and Leading

Outcome 3: PSD Staff Build Systems and Structures that Promote Success and Well-Being

PSD Staff demonstrate a commitment to a comprehensive and integrated approach to success and wellness.

Outcome 4: PSD Staff Expand Success in Literacy and Numeracy

School leaders, teachers and school support staff design, deliver and share research-informed, effective and responsive teaching and assessment practices to promote student achievement, with a focus on literacy and numeracy.

Outcome 5: PSD Staff Expand, Develop, and Apply Indigenous Foundational Knowledge

Staff demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous perspectives resources are allocated to support Indigenous students’ success and well-being.

Outcomes in the Domain of Learning Support Systems

Outcome 6: Support Systems Increase Success and Well-being

School division staff develop the infrastructure to support learning and well-being, and to meet the needs of students and their families, staff and school communities.

Outcome 7: Support Systems Promotes Care, Respect and Safety

School division staff develop learning environments that are welcoming, caring, respectful and safe.

Outcome 8: Support Systems Promote Equity, Community and Belonging

School division staff work towards understanding and eradicating current system inequities so that all staff and students feel they belong and are valued members of the community.

Outcomes in the Domain of Governance

Outcome 9: Trustees Foster Quality Learning and Wellness to Promote Student Achievement

Trustees establish, monitor and govern a system of education that fosters quality learning and wellness to promote student achievement.

Outcome 10: Trustees Engage, Listen and Advocate

Trustees consider and represent community perspectives and advocate, in a manner consistent with the Board’s Vision, Mission and Values. 

Outcome 11: Trustees Demonstrate Responsibility

Trustees attend to governance actions and allocate fiscal resources in alignment with the Division’s priorities and in accordance with all statutory, regulatory and disclosure requirements.

Outcome 12: Trustees Plan for Continual Improvement

Trustees employ a cycle of continual improvement to inform ongoing planning and priority setting, and to further develop capacity.

Outcome 13: Trustees Foster Community Relationships

Trustees promote positive community relationships within the Division and across the province, and engage with partners in education in a timely, frank and constructive manner.