Athletics & Physical Education

Physical Education

Students in Grades 5-9 should bring gym clothes for physical education. This includes shorts and/or sweat pants, and a change of t-shirt. All students require clean gym shoes (with non-marking soles) to be worn in the gymnasium. Specific activities such as skating and snowshoeing would require special clothing that would be requested by the physical education teacher as necessary.


Entwistle School is the proud home of the Eagles.

Our extracurricular sports activities include: 

  • Cross-Country Running (K-9)
  • Archery (3-9)
  • Soccer (5-9)
  • Volleyball (6-9)
  • Basketball (6-9)
  • Badminton (6-9)
  • Track and Field (7-9)
  • Track Meet (K-6)

Often, we have sufficient numbers to enter our teams in leagues in the Parkland County Athletic Association (PCAA), which includes schools from the area covered by Parkland School Division including Spruce Grove and Stony Plain. When our numbers are not quite enough, we have been able to partner with our neighbouring West End schools to look at combining our teams where possible.

We will send home permission letters for these activities. Participating in extracurricular activities is a privilege and students are expected to display the virtues of Exceptional Eagles. Please note that parents wishing to volunteer will require criminal record checks. 


Floor hockey and dodgeball intramural opportunities are among the activities available to all our students. Events are scheduled by age groups during lunch recess on selected days.