Student Safety

Student safety is of prime importance to Parkland School Division. We have several measures and procedures in place to ensure the safety of all who attend our schools:


Learn how to recognize the difference between Peer Conflict, Mean Behaviour and Bullying, and how to resolve matters in each situation.

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Crisis Hotlines

A variety of helpful phone numbers available for children, teens and parents in need at times of crisis. Most are available 24/7.

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Emergency Procedures

Learn what happens and what you should do in the event of an emergency at your child's school.

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Violence/Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA)

Learn about the Violence/Threat Risk Assessment process, which addresses violent or threat-making behaviour in schools through an intervention process rather than a disciplinary process.

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Trauma Response

Learn more about helpful tips that parents, guardians and students can access when it comes to dealing with all kinds of traumatic events that may unexpectedly come up.

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