Respect & Getting Along

We value the strength of the relationships we form with our families and with our students. If you have any concerns with what is happening at Entwistle School, please address this individually and privately with your parents, teachers or the principal. We will do our best to help to solve the problem.

How Problem Solving Works at Entwistle School

  • We believe that in a situation of conflict, it is important to seek first to understand, then to be understood. We will work hard to solve problems while maintaining each person’s sense of dignity and well-being.

  • We understand that students make mistakes. Learning happens by appreciating our mistakes and working to avoid them in the future. If you make a mistake - own it. If an apology is needed - give it.

  • We mediate conflict. This means that sometimes one of the staff members may work with you and your colleagues to help find a solution to a problem. Physical (aggressive) responses are never permitted as a method to solve a problem.

How Apologies Work at Entwistle School

We learn best from our mistakes when we own our mistakes. There are times when you will be expected to apologize for your actions. Here is a five-step plan:

  1. Clearly indicate what you are sorry for
  2. Do not provide a reason or justification for your mistake (don’t use the word “but”) – that only makes your apology smaller
  3. Indicate how you know your mistake was the wrong thing to do
  4. Indicate how your behavior will be different in the future
  5. Promise to not repeat the mistake

For instance:

“Please know that I am sorry for being mean to you when I told a story about you that was not true. I know that it isn’t good to spread rumours about others. I promise you that in the future I will never spread rumours again about anyone.”

Do not be upset if you do not get an apology in return. You are apologizing and owning your own mistakes and that is what is important.