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Entwistle Wildfires - May 5 UPDATE

May 5, 2023 - UPDATE

Dear Parents and Guardians of Entwistle School students,

We are once again thinking about those families who have been evacuated from their homes while fire crews battle the region’s wildfire and ever-changing conditions. We can only imagine how stressful this has been for some, and offer our heartfelt thanks to all those contributing to the fire fighting efforts as well as those helping out with the evacuation process.

From Parkland County:

A mandatory evacuation order is in place, and we emphasize the importance for residents to please remain evacuated as this wildfire presents many dangers in the area.

Residents can register by visiting Wabamun Jubilee Hall (5132 53 Ave, Wabamun) or by calling 780-203-3258. Coal Diamond Sports Park in Wabamun is also open for evacuees staying in trailers, RVs, etc.

PSD will reconnect with Parkland County officials on Sunday, May 7th to reassess area conditions and will determine whether or not Entwistle School may reopen. We will continue to monitor the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) as well. Should there be any updates with the always changing weather and wind patterns, we will adjust and communicate with families accordingly.

It is at that time on Sunday, May 7, that we will connect with families again regarding options for Entwistle School students - either returning to Entwistle School or at an alternate site. As always, your safety and well-being come first and we want to offer an opportunity for students to come to school, but we also fully understand that some families may not be able to consider that yet.

Once again, for the latest on the fire, please refer to Parkland County’s website at:

Please reach out to Principal Bileau or to our Division Office at or 780-963-4010 if there is any assistance we can provide at this time.


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